10 Lucrative Jobs For Creative Types

Dated: 11/25/2017

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You don't have to go into a business or science field to earn top dollar. CareerBuilder recently ranked 10 lucrative jobs for creative types—and their average annual earnings:

1. Directors/Producers ($49,000-$103,000)

2. Film Editors ($46,000-$92,000)

3. Art Directors ($54,000-$89,000)

4. Technical Writers ($57,000-$87,000)

5. Public Relations Specialists ($43,000-$79,000)

6. Commercial/Industrial Designers ($51,000-$75,00)

7. Multimedia Artists/Animators ($40,000-$64,000)

8. Graphic Designers ($37,000-$57,000)

9. Interior Designers ($38,000-$56,000)

10. Interpreters/Translators ($35,000-$55,000)

Source: CareerBuilder

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