A Plan For Plant Care While Away

Dated: 09/13/2017

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Planning a vacation also means planning for care for those who remain at home, such as young children, elderly parents, and beloved pets. But what about your plants? From house plants to garden beds, there are several simple steps you can take to ensure you don’t return to brown, wilted leaves and burnt-out blooms. 

Plants need more water during warm weather months, so consider the season you’ll be traveling in. 

Look into purchasing a few watering bulbs: plastic or glass gadgets that you fill with water and stick into the soil. The bulbs then release water as the plant gets thirsty. 

However, watering bulbs are an expensive option if you have many house plants. Another option is to place a few bricks in the bathtub, set the plants on top, plug the drain and run just enough water to cover the bricks. The plants will drink as needed and you’ll avoid root rot by not placing the plants directly in the water. Continue Reading...

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