Fresh Ideas For Your New Year

Dated: 09/04/2017

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by Lindsey Keeley 

Happy New Year! Welcome to the perfect time to start anew and improve yourself. Maybe you're trying to get fit. Maybe you want to try a new hobby. Or perhaps you want to give back and volunteer.

We all have the best intentions in creating resolutions, but we also all know how easy it is to fall off track. Suddenly the gym goes from every day to twice a week to once a month or not at all. Your table is full of new craft supplies that only end up stuffed in a bin. Or you find you just don't have time to volunteer.

The atrophy of resolution verve is common. But maybe it's not your intentions and rather the level of interest. Bozeman offers so many fun, unique ways to meet your goals. Get together with family and friends or do them on your own. Either way, this is the year to add a little spice to your life!

Below is a short list of places to start, but don't hesitate to look around for something just right for you. There's likely an outlet for any interest you have.

Get Fit

  • Aerial Fitness is a relatively new art of poles, hoops and ribbons dangling from the ceiling. Though you don't often see it outside of the Cirque du Soleil, it is actually quite accessible in our little town! Bozeman Aerial Fitness is located at 520 East Babcock, within the studio of Indira Spa. Find information about classes and schedules on their website here.

  • Like to dance? Check out Oula! This fun, all-ages program was founded in Missoula and is focused on feeling great in a positive environment. You'll dance to Top 40 songs in one of the three subsets to Oula - original, power (think squats guys!) and Oula X (if you're feeling saucy). The studio is located at 611 N. Wallace but several gyms offer it as well or you can even download classes and work out at home! Find more information on the Oula website here.

  • Curling. Yes, I'm talking about that strange sport you see in the Olympics with rocks and brooms. But as odd as it seems, this sport is a blast, especially when you can play with a group of friends. The Bozeman Curling Club has a league starting January 8th. For all the information, visit their website. For a quick review, you'll need at least 4 players and games are Sunday afternoons through April. The league is not free, but you are allowed to have a sponsor. If you want to give this sport a try, sign up soon!

  • Last, but not least, is the classic alpine sport of Cross Country Skiing. This simple activity is making a big comeback due to the accessibility of trails and low cost. You can rent skis for $10-15 or buy a set and go whenever you like! Visit one of the trails groomed by the Bridger Ski Foundation, check out the Bohart Ranch or take a day trip out to Yellowstone and enjoy our the beautiful park in a new way.

Find a Hobby

  • The Emerson Cultural Center has a number of classes to get you started in art. Draw, sculpt, paint or learn to make your own jewelry. These classes are for teens and adults and go from beginner to advanced. This would be a great way to spend time with family! Olivelle offers several cooking classes that you can attend either as schedule or have your own private party. Information and a calendar of classes is posted here.

  • Been meaning to expand your mind by reading? There's no motivation like meeting the expectations of other people. Join a book club and get that extra push to accomplish your goals. The Country Bookshelf has a few to choose from listed under the events tab of their website or you can always start your own. But, if you do, make sure to stick to your schedule! Don't know which books to choose? The Bozeman Public Library has a ton of ideas for you on their NoveList page!

Give Back

  • Animals are great endorphin builders! Head to the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter and help walk dogs and play with cats. The workers and pets will be very appreciative of your help.

  • If you like kids, you may be a great fit for Big Brothers Big Sisters. This program is extremely meaningful to the children involved and, most often, to the adults as well. A little time out of your week can change a life.

  • The HRDC has many more volunteer opportunities such as the warming center (which is particularly busy right now) and the Senior Nutrition Program. Sign up with them here and see everything you can become involved in.

Let's make 2017 the year of growth. Find what makes you smile and keep at it.


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